Webinar: Inflation

A Fed's Road to Financial Ruin

The latest CPI report suggests rising inflation may be here to stay with concerning implications for federal employees and retirees. Central bank policy and how such actions will affect purchasing power over the long term is unknown, but we must prepare for all possibilities.


After decades of working, accumulating, and careful planning to achieve your retirement goals, you would think you’ve covered everything to earn the federal retirement you’ve planned for. But has your retirement plan factored in inflation? While it might seem small, inflation can erode the wealth you’ve saved, putting your plans in jeopardy. Are you prepared?

In this webinar, we will discuss the powerful corroding effects inflation can have on your retirement plans.  We will detail a brief history of inflation rates in the United States, and illustrate how even a modest level of inflation can ravage your purchasing power in the long run, neutering your retirement savings if allocated improperly. You may need to have more saved for retirement than conventional wisdom suggests. Even at a modest 3% per year, the purchasing power of a dollar can be cut in half in less than two decades.

Are your retirement plans taking this into account?

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Why Inflation Matters

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Wednesday, June 23rd at 7:00 PM EDT

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