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Asked Questions

It is imperative to work with a group who has the answers when you need them. Below are some of our most commonly asked questions.

Who is PARCO?

PARCO specializes in serving the retirement needs of anyone with a pension, along with their families. Primarily focused on government employees, we offer workshops and one-on-one consultations that provide detailed insights on your benefits, how and when to retire, and the financial building blocks that allow you to have things in place before punching out for the last time.

What sets PARCO apart?

Our knowledge and familiarity with retirement systems like FERS, CSRS, and various state retirement plans coupled with our proprietary financial planning process set us apart.  This expertise is paired with a diverse team of individuals with backgrounds ranging from military service to hedge fund analysis. Not only does this allow us to think about our clients in a universal perspective, but it also gives us the ability to serve the needs of our clients in unique and specialized ways.

Who are PARCO's clients?

PARCO has built a strong knowledge base to serve those employed by US governments and those with pension plans employed in the private sector. From Postal workers and FBI agents, to managers at the DMV, teachers, and coal miners, we help anyone with a pension achieve their retirement goals. 

Does PARCO charge for our services?

The simple answer is no, PARCO does not charge clients for any of our standard services. From benefits and retirement consultations to aiding with paperwork, we provide all of our advice and guidance at no cost to our clients.

We generate revenue from multiple sources, chiefly through the recommendation of accounts or benefits that are not offered through the government. If you take a recommendation from us, the issuing company pays us to help walk you through everything. This structure enables our firm to provide our services at no cost to our clients. All we ask in return is that, if you feel you received valuable insights and professional service, you tell someone about us so we can help them too.

Is PARCO available to help me where I live?

Headquartered in Washington, D.C, we service clients and host retirement workshops all across the country. Geographic location is never a barrier to making sure you receive the support you need.

Need more details? Contact us.


We are here to assist.  Contact us by phone, email, or our social media channels.

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