The forms we use to help our clients can be found and downloaded by following the links below: 

​SF 3107 ​- Application for Immediate Retirement (FERS)

SF 2801 - Application for Immediate Retirement (CSRS)

SF 2817FEGLI Change Form

SF 2823 - Designation of Beneficiary (FEGLI)

SF 3102 - Designation of Beneficiary (FERS)

SF 2808 - Designation of Beneficiary (CSRS)

SF 3108 - Application to Make Service Credit Payment (FERS)

SF 2804 - Application to Make Voluntary Contributions (CSRS)

SF 3104 - Application For Death Benefits (FERS) 

SF 2800 - Application For Death Benefits (CSRS)

RI 20-97 - Estimated Earning During Military Service

SOP 42B - Retirement Effective Date (USPS) 

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